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C&E 33 Telangana Today 09/10/2017 Telangana Top nine mistakes that MBAs make According to ASSOCHAM report, about 380 B-Schools have shut shop in last two years across various cities in the country. Campus recruitments have dropped by a staggering 45 per cent. In such a scenario a smart MBA graduate is one who will identify mistakes that MBAs make and steer clear of them
C&E 32 Telangana Today 18/09/2017 Telangana Number of students studying abroad jumps 25 per cent Due to pressure to get through the competitive examination, students opt for studying abroad A record 1,65,918 number of students from India have joined the universities in the United States of America for academic year 2015-16 which is 25 per cent increase as against the last year.
C&E 31 Telangana Today 11/09/2017 Telangana Don’t stick yourself at a wrong job Knowing yourself is the only way to be on the right track for your right first job. In a career spanning 35 years, few years lost in the wrong job can be made up for, believes T Muralidharan
C&E 30 Telangana Today 04/09/2017 Telangana Is there an ideal job anywhere? Companies are not into the business of making employees life miserable by giving them a lousy work like that but it is largely driven by high customer expectations. Almost 95% of the companies always put customers first and employees second
C&E 29 Telangana Today 05/06/2017 Telangana Choosing the right stream for higher study Some of the biggest questions behind every student's mind are: What do we do next? What are your prospective career options? Which courses should we apply for?
C&E 28 Telangana Today 30/05/2017 Telangana Go in for regular reskilling Investing in the primary asset, which is oneself, is the only way to beat skill stagnation and stay employable
C&E 27 The Tribune 26/05/2017 New Delhi, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Bhatinda, Jammu, Srinagar Employability bloopers to guard against Getting the right placement is the perfect culmination of a tenure at a B-school. However, with unemployability figure touching 93 per cent, it is important to know what mistakes can upset the MBA applecart
C&E 26 The Tribune 24/05/2017 New Delhi Mid-career shift with MBA Stuck in the wrong job? How can you make a mid career shift?
C&E 25 Indian Express 30/09/2016 Noida Top jobs that Indians prefer and why Most Indians prefer government jobs with SSC, bank PO and Indian railways commanding the top slots
C&E 24 The Tribune 1/10/2012 Chandigarh, Delhi How to increase your Employability 10 tips to fast track your employability quotient!
C&E 23 The Tribune 1/9/2015 New Delhi Top GD mistakes to avoid Top 6 absolute No's in a group discussion. Also an insight into types of Group Discussions
C&E 22 The Sunday Guardian 1/6/2012 New Delhi Always keep commitments The key to success is to develop a business model that works for all stakeholders. Every organization should strive to be both employee and customer centric
C&E 21 The Hindu 1/2/2016 New Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai The drop-out connundrum Do we need a plus two curriculum redesign to suit all skill levels? The basic curriculum should be supplemented with life skills such as internet research, critical thinking, creativity and financial literacy
C&E 20 The Hindu 1/10/2015 New Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai A journey of discovery How can you make best use of Management Education. 6 tips to help you. Read more
C&E 19 The Hindu 1/9/2015 New Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai A headstart to your career College sets the tone for ones career. Here's how you can make the best of it! Read more for the 10 rules to swear by
C&E 18 The Hindu 1/11/2015 Allahabad, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad Why the craze for Government Jobs? Job security, several benefits, and not so demanding..Really? Get the true picture, read more
C&E 17 The Financial Times 1/10/2013 Delhi-NCR Noida Most Suitable for holding job fairs Why Job Fairs? Why is Noida suitable and what can job seekers expect from these fairs
C&E 16 The Economic Times 1/9/2014 New Delhi Prioritize tasks at work Ever wondered how some people end up doing so much more in a day? Making a habit to stick to timelines, immediately taking notes of what the boss wants and delegating first could help one prioritise unending assignments at work
C&E 15a to 15f The Economic Times Wealth 1/6/2012 New Delhi The Greatest Financial Asses? Your Career A cover story on how your career is your greatest financial asset and why you should invest in your career for a bright financial future
C&E 14 The Economic Times 1/6/2012 New Delhi Five ways to drive away Monday Blues How to drive away Monday blues? Read more…
C&E 13 Navbharat Times 1/8/2015 New Delhi Be alert during your early days at work! People start their professional life with a lot of hope and dreams. First job, first salary, new environment is appealing, but there are things you must be careful about. First few days at your first job are critical to your career
C&E 12 Navbharat Times 1/6/2015 New Delhi This is your right choice: Ahaa! Generally, people want to work in an industry which with name and face guarantees a good salary too. How do you choose the right industry for you. Read more for things to watch out for.
C&E 11 Navbharat Times 1/10/2014 New Delhi When Campus Recruitment Takes Place There is one question on everyones mind. Why do companies recruit freshers from campuses. Read more to know about campus recruitments and what are companies looking for when they hire from campuses
C&E 10a,10b Management Compass 1/11/2012 All India Adding Value. How can you improve your employability?
C&E 9 Inspire 1/6/2012 All India Ready to be hired Competency, confidence & humility may help one score in an interview. Read more to know what is it that companies are looking for in a candidate
C&E 8a,8b India Today 1/10/2014 All India Make an early start. Many schools are now looking at introducing skill-based curriculums
C&E 7 India Today Aspire 1/8/2015 All India Plan Smart, Get Strategic 10 tips for fresh graduates to remember while looking for their first job
C&E 6 India Today Aspire 1/5/2012 All India Ready to be hired Competency, confidence & humility may help one score in an interview. Read more to know what is it that companies are looking for in a candidate
C&E 5 Hindustan Times 1/4/2013 Jaipur & Lucknow Owning Up Does it take guts to admit it to your manager that you have made a mistake? Ever wondered how your seniors are going to take it?
C&E 4 Hindustan Times Shine 1/1/2012 New Delhi & Lucknow Survival Tactics Most of the 1000 top CEOs in the country have stuck to their first job for five years! Your first job is where most of your training happens. What are the survival tactics. Read more to know more!
C&E 3 Hindustan Times Edge 1/9/2012 New Delhi Survival Tactics Most of the 1000 top CEOs in the country have stuck to their first job for five years! Your first job is where most of your training happens. What are the survival tactics. Read more to know more!
C&E 2a,2b Financial Express 1/7/2014 Hyderabad Business not as usual Modern management education is on a crossroads today. A survey of executives from Top MBA schools, revealed that only 5% of what is taught in these schools is used on the job. Why? Read more to find out
C&E 1 Careers 360 1/10/2012 All India The business of managing data Science and engineering professionals working in data centers are key assets for a country's economic stability and security. Focused programmes and adequate attention to traditional educational programmes will help build a pool of skilled people. An interview of Mr. T. Muralidharan, Founder and Chairman (TMI Group and IIT Madras - IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus) click here to download
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SD14 Telangana Today 17/11/2017 Telangana A market-linked skilling initiative Government-defined training programmes need to give way to demand-driven and employer-paid skilling models.

SD13 Telangana Today 28/09/2017 Telangana Tasks for new Skill Minister Time we stopped blaming the Ministry, NSDC and the mission, and focused on solutions.
SD12 Telangana Today 15/09/2017 Telangana Cash in on Wages Bill In my two-part article earlier in this column (on Aug 28 and 29 –, I had argued that the current minimum wages implementation has failed and the cost of this failure is being borne by workmen through stagnant wages for over 12 years because of our unique skill market conditions, where the supply far exceeds the demand.

The Code on Wages or CoW Bill presents a great opportunity to not only correct the wage stagnation but also to build a demand for skills as well as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in skills among the youth.
SD11 Telangana Today 29/08/2017 Telangana Overhaul minimum wage system The controversy over the Code on Wages Bill has taken the debate away from the core issue – the current minimum wages regime is not working and we need to desperately correct it through a centrally-driven minimum wages regime. We explain some of the key concerns that need to be addressed. Minimum Wages (MW) are declared for three categories – unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled. Most States also declare MW for these three categories industry-wise and zone-wise. For example, the current MW of Maharashtra (from July 1, 2017) has 61 industries and for each industry, there are three zones and three categories.
SD10 Telangana Today 28/08/2017 Telangana Avoidable row on New Wages Bill Do you know that your barbers, workers of your club, etc, must be paid a salary above the minimum wages (MW)? And if it goes up, your bill will go up? If you are a worker in a company or a factory, do you know that your salary is linked to the MW determined by the government? If you are an employer and if you don’t comply with this New Code on Wages (CoW) Bill, you can face prosecution? Read on about a new Bill that can affect us all –– as employee, employer or customer
SD9 Telangana Today 12/06/2017 Telangana Top 10 mistakes MBA graduates should avoid Most of the fresh MBA graduates use a standard resume for every company and role. This gives an impression to employers that the candidate is not interested in the job.Read on to know more and avoid making those mistakes to land your dream job soon.
SD8 National Skills Network 7/06/2017 All India JobsDialog: A mobile based recruitment solution dedicated to MSME sector Youth employment- unemployment scenario, 2012-13′, a report by the Labour Bureau, Chandigarh, says that one out of every three persons in the age group 15 to 29 years who has completed his graduation is unemployed. Unemployment among educated youth is more than that among the uneducated ones. On the other hand, at close to 51 million units, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) constitute over 90% of all business units in India. The MSME sector contributes 45% of the manufacturing output and 40% of the total exports of the country.
SD7 National Skills Network 7/06/2017 All India Employment Vehicles from APSSDC and GHMC for realizing ‘Skill India’ Mission ‘Skill India’ is a programme aimed at transforming the country’s youth into productive workforce. While ‘skilling’ is the approach, the foundational mission of this programme is to facilitate employment. Put in other terms, the Skill India mission will fructify when the skilled youth land jobs and start working. While the responsibility of imparting skills required for various trades is entrusted to the Sector Skill Councils, the onus of connecting the skilled youth to job opportunities is being taken up by the Government departments, both State and Central. One such initiative led by the Greater Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Corporation, separately, is the ‘Employment Vehicle’.
SD6 National Skills Network 14/10/2016 All India What comes first – skills or jobs? Let’s find out how TMI Group is trying to resolve this issue Spare a moment to answer these questions. Where do all the trained youth go, if they don’t get jobs? What should be the national priority – skilling or creating jobs? Who should we focus on – unemployed graduates or in employing non-graduates ? Organised sector jobs or MSME jobs? In this skill story, T. Muralidharan, Chairman, TMI Group, makes us reflect on issues related to education, skill development and employment while narrating the story of TMI e2E academy . Read on to know more about why skill development should strive for a demand-supply match, particularly in the graduate space.
SD5 The Times of India 1/10/2013 New Delhi The Business of Skill-Development The article highlights three important models - Salary V/s Productivity Model, The Talent Supply Chain Model, The Total Cost of Employment Model
SD4 The Financial Express 1/9/2014 Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh Skilling India How much the much-talked-about ministry of entrepreneurship & skill development can retain its value
SD3 The Pioneer 1/12/2011 Chandigarh Urgent need to build the employability gap T. Muralidharan talks about the present day students not being industry ready. Professionals are essential for a growing economy. They are required because you want to reach a certain level of efficiency or excellence. No country can be successful without excellence.
SD2 The Economic Times 1/12/2013 New Delhi The road block to skill movement The main problem is that there is no incentive to get skilled. Read more to find out the other issues plauging the skill movement
SD1a,b,c,d Air India Inflight Magazine 1/11/2012 All India Enter Skills: Why should skill development be on the CEO Table The benefit of a well executed talent supply chain is that you can hire quality talent - when you want, wherever you want

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HR6 Telangana Today 2/10/2017 Telangana Retention challenge at MSMEs Forty four million MSMEs employ over 100 million persons making it the largest source of employment after the agricultural sector.
HR5 Hindustan Times 1/7/2013 Bhopal, Gurgaon, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow Are they spying on you? Companies are putting systems in place to monitor information, both, official and personal, that employees share with others. Read more to find out
HR4 Hindustan Times Edge 1/2/2015 New Delhi Can you choose how you are paid? A group of private firms have urged the labour ministry to allow employees to determine their salary structure
HR3 Economic Times Focus 1/6/2014 Mumbai Recruitment Process Outsourcing without "Recruitment" is bound to fail India's recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), a fast growing industry, is projected to see an annual growth of 25% to 35% according to estimates. A recent survey has indicated that most RPO experiences in India have not been successful. Read more to find out why
HR2 Deccan Chronicle 1/8/2011 Hyderabad Training freshers is a part of handling competition The corporate feels that they spend time, energy and money on training freshers but in reality they are training for competition
HR1 Business Today 11/1/2013 All India Keeping big brother at bay Your employer can monitor your online activities. Here's hows to stay clean
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Entre6 Telangana Today 2/10/2017 Telangana Retention challenge at MSMEs Forty four million MSMEs employ over 100 million persons making it the largest source of employment after the agricultural sector.
Entre5 Navbharat Times 1/1/2016 New Delhi Are you made for business? You've made your mind to start your business, but before you go ahead, check if you are made for business. And if you are, which type of business are you made for? Read here for an expert take.
Entre4 Small Enterprise (Magazine) 1/3/2015 All India Hiring challenges of Start-ups As a start-up what are the hiring challenges you are likely to face and what should you do about them
Entre3 Millionaire Asia 1/1/2015 All India Mr. Selector, T. Muralidharan, TMI Group Mr. Murali's entrepreneurial journey
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Q&A5 Hyderabad 1/11/2013 Hyderabad I have completed my B. Tech in computer science. I secured 98 percentile in GATE. I am in dilemma whether to take up MBA or M.Tech. Which institutes offer MBA and M. Tech Programmes?
Q&A4 The Hindu 1/1/2014 Hyderabad Iam pursuing my Post Graduation in Environmental Engineering. What are my career prospects, especially in the area of waste management? Give me details about universities that offer Ph.D Programmes related to environmental science. What are their eligibility and admission criteria?
Q&A3 The Hindu 1/1/2013 Hyderabad I am doing my B.Tech final year. I want to work after completing the course. Please educate me on how to write cover letters while applying for jobs?
Q&A2 The Hindu 1/10/2013 Hyderabad I completed my B.Tech and I am interested in networking. Please provide me some details about CISCO certifications and the M.Sc. (Enginnering) Course offered by M.S. Ramaiah School of advanced studies, Bengaluru?
Q&A1 The Hindu 1/8/2011 Hyderabad My GRE Score is 1160 and I have submitted my GRE scores to four universities. I am looking for admission in Fall, 2012. Can you guide me with the application/selection process?